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Being a Pinball: The Intersect between Mental and Physical Disabilities

“An article for Conscious Being on Medium around the intersect between mental and physical disabilities. Having both a mental and physical disability can feel like being a pinball in one of those too-bright retro games on a desktop computer: a bit crazy, repetitive, and you are bounced around from doctor to doctor only to, sometimes, end up falling right back where you started. You also may very well get a headache.”

Diversity Darlings - Conscious Being

The first issue of Diversity Darlings - a fashion & culture monthly column tailored for disabled women. The first of many exciting new ventures with Elizabeth Wright, a former paralympian and creator of magazine Conscious Being.

5 Things You Will Learn Studying With A Chronic Illness

“An article for Macmillan Skills For Study around five things you will learn at university if you’re studying with a chronic illness that aren’t on any curriculum.”.

Veronica Franco: Two Ways To    Sell Love

“An article for ERA Magazine on Veronica Franco. The dominant form of poetry in Renaissance Venice characterised women as pure, virginal muses. Veronica Franco - a sex worker and poet herself, writing at the same time as the men constructing this fantasy - was having none of it.”

Body Image And Chronic Illness

“With disordered eating firmly embedded in the media from a young age, a healthy body image is a hot commodity rarely for sale. For the Self Love Journal’s blog I explore what body image is like for those whose bodies sometimes actually attack them. How do you like your body if it doesn’t enable you to do things you love, how do you even not hate it?”

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