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How To Make It As A Female Writer - Interview with Raffaella Barker

An interview with author Raffaella Barker, discussing being a female writer. Raffaella shares her advice on breaking into the industry for young female creatives.


Women of Indie: The Forward Momentum of the Genre

A short, pithy exploration of how women of the Indie genre are artistically moving forward at break-neck speed

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Interview with Sarrounia Christianson

 “Sarrounia Christianson is a content designer/UX writer for GOV.UK. In this interview we explore how she got into this position, what advice she would give to women and minorities getting into digital, and how not to lose your cool in a cover letter. Interview for Working With Words event, hosted by UEA.”

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Matchstick Memories

An article for The Hysteria Collective exploring the controversy surrounding the destruction of Sarah Dearman (a leading figure in the Match Girl Strikes of the 1800s) grave, only recently discovered

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