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Thanks for being patient - please check out my linktree and socials to stay up to date! I'm still very much available to be contacted for work (: 


Thank you so much for you being interested in my work!


I'm currently working hard on updating my website so that it reflects my current portfolio, for now feel free to contact me at to get in touch about content writing, copywriting, blog writing, journalism opportunities, fiction editing, proofreading, and sensitivity reading - or to see how I'm getting on with writing my debut novel! 

My specialisms include:

- Disability & LGBTQ+ identity

- Neurodivergence & chronic illness

- Creative and critical looks at pop culture

- Arts, music, books, the publishing industry, culture & entertainment - if it's creative, I want to write about it!

A good writer is a good reader

Check out what I'm currently reading and writing @morewordsbychloe


Or connect with me on Twitter, Threads, LinkedIn or Tik Tok

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Books on stool.png
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